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Summer at Kal Haven Outpost: RV Adventures, Crafts, and Comradery

Summer at Kal Haven Outpost
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Summer at Kal Haven Outpost, well summer is here. Obviously. King and I have been staying at Kal Haven Outpost since April. Our days are fairly similar, up early, King walks Petra, I make the bed, fix breakfast, sweep the floor and then we go to our respective jobs, or do nothing, depending on the day. It’s a hard life. (In truth, it’s pretty idyllic).

Stay Off The Grass

summer at kal haven outpost

This summer at Kal Haven Outpost King has become the grumpy old man who shouts, “Stay off of my lawn.” While most lawns are crying for water, our campsite is green and lush — mostly because King runs the sprinkler all day long to keep people from cutting across the campsite. To be fair, he never says anything, but the constant watering is a deterrent. Between mowing the lawn at the campground, occasionally splitting wood and chasing errant campers off the grass, it’s a busy life for him.


It’s a tiny microcosm of community here this summer at Kal Haven Outpost. Our neighbors come and go, but there are a few of us who are here for the summer, or at least a month or two. We watch out for one another, or better put, simply watch.

summer at kal haven outpost

Today the neighbor’s awning blew up over their trailer while they were away. I notified the campground owners who, in turn, called the trailer owners. When I looked out the window later, I saw the woman was working on the awning alone – she had her 93-year-old father in the truck with her, so I went over to her campsite to help. It’s what neighbors do. (King was out helping the Kal Haven Outpost staff cut up a fallen tree or he may have joined us). I’m now watching her test-drive one of those mobility scooters – I’m assuming it’s for her father. Some of you may get the reference with I refer to myself as Gladys Kravits. I certainly do watch the comings and goings of the campground.


When I’m not watching the comings and goings of our neighbors this summer at Kal Haven Outpost, I work in the campground store three days a week. My job has been a wake-up call to just how deaf I am becoming. We knew our hearing as getting bad as King and I are constantly saying “what?” to one another, and then snap at each other because we can’t hear. When I can’t understand what he’s saying to me, I’ll say, “What I heard was ‘put the ketchup in the soap dispenser.’ Is that what you want?” It really annoys him and he hasn’t figured out that I make things up just push his buttons.

%*!# The News

When we aren’t working, King watches Westerns on TV and swears at the news commentators on CNN. (I’m going to display my politics here … I won’t let him watch FOX). He basically blasts the media – all media. I get defensive and explain to him it’s the same as people blasting the public school system. If you haven’t lived it, keep your mouth shut and opinions to yourself. No one needs to be hurtful.

summer at kal haven outpost


While King watches TV and swears at the news, I read paranormal romances and play around with crafty things. I’m still making sun-catchers out of tumbled glass and this afternoon I finished my first weaving project. Weaving on a handloom is tedious work and the finished product is hanging above the table area in the trailer. I really don’t know what it is. It’s brown, blue and white striped and hangs just a little catawampus.

That’s our summer at Kal Haven Outpost and some more RV adventures. I hope you are enjoying yours.
Stay safe, play nice and don’t kick sand in the sandbox.

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