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Tiny Space Living Adventures

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Golf Scrambles and Self-Repair Glasses

There is one word for today. Cold. Or better, COLD!

Golf Scramble Adventures

King played in his first golf scramble of the season. To prepare he bought two small propane canisters to use with portable heaters they keep in the golf carts. I think one REALLY has to like golf to play when it is this cold.

Family traditions

Creative Storage Solutions

I was planning on a quiet day to myself but just before King left a screw came loose on his glasses and a lens fell out. He swears we bought a eye glass repair kit this winter. I spent the day tearing apart every hidey-hole in the trailer and could not find said repair kit. (King played with an extra pair he has that have transitional lenses. He whined about playing in the dark when he got home). While he was gone, I borrowed a set of screwdrivers from the campground and the glasses are now repaired. When I get around to grocery shopping sometime this week, I’ll buy him a kit and this time the person who puts it away will be me.

And speaking of hidey-holes in the trailer, one of the joys of living in a tiny space is one has to come up with some rather creative places for storage. For example, I keep our laundry basket in the shower, along with a waste basket and a 20-pound bag of special diet dog food for Petra. The dog food is kept on a ledge inside the shower.

laundry adventures

Since my day started out so swimmingly well there really should be no question that it continued in the same vein. I had the trailer torn apart because there was a possibility the glasses repair kit was in the tote behind the sewing machine, which is behind the fabric, which has an embroidery thread box on top of it. I left the water running in the sink but managed to catch it before it overflowed too badly. Unfortunately, one of my lazy-day tasks today was to dump the grey and black water tanks. When I drained the sink, I discovered the grey tank should have been dumped yesterday. The backflow filled the shower and soaked the clothes in the bottom of the laundry basket. (Better the grey tank than the black tank, right)?

Laundry Adventures

After I got the trailer put back together, I sent a text to our oldest son and asked if he wanted to join me at the laundromat. It’s our tradition to do laundry together once a week so I figured he might want to join me a few days early.

Truth is, doing our laundry together and sitting in the truck while we wait for the washers or dryers to finish is rather relaxing. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we shop for bargains on Amazon and share links of our “someday” lists. I miss my kids as kids but having adult children is nice.

Beach Relaxation

Our routine usually includes a trip through a drive-thru after laundry is done and then driving to the beach to eat our meal and watch the waves. It’s a pleasant way to make a dull task bearable. We will do this every week for our duration here in South Haven.

Beach relaxation

Stay kind. Wear sunscreen. Leave the sandcastles alone.

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