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California Trip Highlights

Whale Watching
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Booking Ahead for Elk City

The California trip is winding down.

Two weeks from today we will be in Elk City, Oklahoma. I know this because it is the solar eclipse and because of that I strayed from my “travel by the seat of your pants,” route plan and booked a site in Elk City. My theory is the cozy (and cheap) park where we normally stay will be full of people watching the eclipse. Or not. But why take a chance? I booked one of the last two remaining sites at a KOA. I comforted myself by rationalizing it was the only campsite I’ll book in advance on this trip.

Spring Break Activities

Whale Watching Cruise

Our last week in California is spring break for the boys and we have decided we are going to fill out days with activities. To begin the week of adventure our daughter booked a whale watching cruise for Easter Sunday. It will be my third excursion. I have yet to see a whale. Here’s to hoping the third time’s a charm.

spring break

Encounters with Wildlife

Snake-Sitting Chronicles

We are still house/snake sitting for a friend. Yes, I said snake – two of them– a corn snake named Dos and some type of python named Monty. There is also a bearded dragon named Lizzy Squishy and a leopard gecko named Lugar. I’m not a snake fan, so our daughter and her ex are taking turns feeding the snakes for us.

snake sitting

The other night after King had gone to bed, I stayed up to watch Northern Exposure, which is streaming on Amazon. (I think life was too busy for me to watch it the first time around. I’m on Season Five. There are six seasons so it’s going to be several marathon sessions to get it in before we leave). Anyway, Monty decided he was going to test the boundaries of his enclosure and I could hear him bumping the screen top… I woke King to check the latches and slept with the lights on.

Coyote Sightings

Our friend lives in a 55 plus gated community. It’s fairly urban. Twice while walking in the early morning Petra and King have spotted a coyote. King is inclined to keep walking; Petra wants to investigate. Our daughter doesn’t think Petra could take on a coyote (not that we’d ever try, it’s one of those philosophical debates). She thinks Petra is too fat and slow. She’s also never seen Petra’s aggressive side. Now Petra is the most patient and loving dog we’ve ever had. But she is extremely dog aggressive. We found this out a few days after adopting her. It’s something we’ve learned to deal with, but it doesn’t help with the “Pittys are dangerous” myth. I wish she understood she’s not helping her cause. However, given the way she whines before encountering another dog, I’d have to believe her reaction is fear rather than aggression. Fear can be as dangerous though.

Life on the Road

Life on the Road

Insights from the Campground

And so, life continues. I’m sure there ae those who think our lifestyle is insane and those who feel it’s a big adventure. For King and I it simply is. We travel, we stay. We travel some more.


I often get to hear the opinions of many people as they check in to the campground store where I work during the summer. Some like to chat, others want to get their site assignment and park (there is always a bit of trepidation for parking big rigs involved). I’m no longer surprised by the number of people who are incredulous over the fact that we pull our trailer to California and back every year.

California trip

Traveling with Our Vintage Trailer

“Yes,” I tell them. “We take our home with us wherever we go. It makes the trip remarkably well.” For reference, we plant flowers around our water/electric pedestal and have a wooden deck for plants erected around our trailer hitch. It looks permanent. Our trailer is also vintage. I suppose although we fit the age bracket of those retirees who travel, our mode of transportation often surprises people. It’s definitely not a huge motorhome or fifth wheel but it’s paid for, has a certain amount of charm in a vagabond sort of way, and is becoming rather rare. Most of them have fallen apart by now.

Vintage Trailer

Embracing The Adventure

As we navigate through life’s twists and turns, we’re reminded that our unconventional lifestyle is both a source of curiosity and fulfillment. With each trip, we discover new landscapes, forge meaningful connections, and cherish the joys of wanderlust. Be kind. Don’t get involved in political debates, it’s fruitless and most of all, have fun.

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