King & I: Retired and Roaming

It’s another Friday night at the campground. We’ve been enjoying our summer adventures here in Michigan, making the most of our time in our trusty travel trailer. I’ve been watching the people across the road set up their campsite.
Amidst this transition, life at the campground continues unabated. King diligently tends to the grass, occasionally taking on odd jobs that come his way. Meanwhile…
King and I have been staying at Kal Haven Outpost since April. Our days are fairly similar, up early, King walks Petra, I make the bed, fix breakfast, sweep the floor and then we go to our respective jobs, or do nothing, depending on the day. It’s a hard life.
Until 1978 hurricanes were named after females. I recall when I was in grade school my older sister telling my father it was because they were Her-a-canes, not Him-a-canes. She was being sarcastic, but to an impressionable child in elementary school it made sense, although even at that young an age I found it annoying.