King & I: Retired and Roaming

King and I are creatures of habit, and our habit is to travel south and west to Vandalia, Illinois and stay at Kaskaskia Dragon RV Park our first night on the road. After that, we kind of look at the map at night and decide where to head the next day, but our first night (and last night on our way back to South Haven) is always the Kaskaskia Dragon RV Park.
Today is Wednesday. That means today’s adventure is working in the campground store while the owner and her daughters have an adventure at dance class…
Join King & I as we share our retirement adventure and discuss memorable family gatherings. Experience the joys of camping, golf, & life on the road.
Life on the open road – it’s a dream many share, but the reality can be quite the adventure. Join us as we navigate the challenges and discover the joys of full-time living in a travel trailer. From compact kitchens to downsizing dilemmas, we’ve learned valuable lessons along the way. So, if you’re ready to embrace life’s journey with all its quirks and charms, read on and let the road be your guide.