King & I: Retired and Roaming

Join King & I as we share our retirement adventure and discuss memorable family gatherings. Experience the joys of camping, golf, & life on the road.
Life on the open road – it’s a dream many share, but the reality can be quite the adventure. Join us as we navigate the challenges and discover the joys of full-time living in a travel trailer. From compact kitchens to downsizing dilemmas, we’ve learned valuable lessons along the way. So, if you’re ready to embrace life’s journey with all its quirks and charms, read on and let the road be your guide.
It’s another Friday night at the campground. We’ve been enjoying our summer adventures here in Michigan, making the most of our time in our trusty travel trailer. I’ve been watching the people across the road set up their campsite.
Amidst this transition, life at the campground continues unabated. King diligently tends to the grass, occasionally taking on odd jobs that come his way. Meanwhile…