King & I: Retired and Roaming

I suggested to King yesterday morning that we take a road trip to Borrego Springs. As is his way, he didn’t respond, so I asked if he heard me. “I’m thinking,” was his reply.
Join us in our tranquil long-term campsite at Lake Jennings Campground, where simplicity reigns. Discover the joy of teaching photography to the next generation amidst the rain, Uno games, and the beauty of nature.
Our New Year is starting out quietly. I think it’s pretty normal for people the age of King and I to kind of lay low on New Year’s Eve. But the fact of the matter is, our New Year’s Eve celebrations have been rather low key since 1978, when we started spending the tradition of ringing in the New Year playing Trivial Pursuit with my parents and my sister Donna.
Embarking on a spontaneous road trip from the coastal allure of Hermosa Beach to the serene landscapes of Cibbets Flats, we explore the contrasts between beach strands and nature’s tranquility, finding joy in the simplicity of life and the upcoming festive season.