Glassy Reverie Christmas Necklace #AA02

Glassy Reverie Christmas Necklace #AA02


Elevate your festive spirit with our limited-edition Glassy Reverie Christmas Necklace. Shaped like abstract Christmas trees, these pieces add a touch of holiday magic to the charm of Lake Michigan beach glass. Meticulously crafted and polished, each necklace embodies sustainability and style. A 2mm black waxed cotton cord with a silver clasp completes the enchanting…


Introducing the limited-edition Glassy Reverie Christmas Necklace #AA01 – a festive twist on our beloved beach-glass creations. Just like the original, each Christmas edition necklace is a work of art, meticulously crafted from beach glass found along the shores of Lake Michigan. However, these special pieces are uniquely shaped like abstract Christmas trees, adding a touch of holiday magic to your ensemble.

Our commitment to sustainability remains at the heart of this collection. Some of the beach glass used in these Christmas edition necklaces finds its origins in repurposed stained-glass windows or recycled bottles. Through weeks of careful tumbling and polishing, we transform these rare specimens into smooth, exquisite pieces that embody the spirit of the season.

The Glassy Reverie Christmas Necklace boasts a 2mm 16″ long black waxed cotton cord with a silver clasp, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. Whether you’re looking for the perfect festive accessory or a meaningful gift, these limited-edition necklaces are an ideal choice.

Wear a story around your neck this holiday season with a piece that not only sparkles with the magic of Christmas but also carries the rich narrative of Lake Michigan’s shores. Embrace the joy of giving or treating yourself to a truly unique and eco-friendly creation. Make this Christmas unforgettable with the Glassy Reverie Christmas Necklace – where style meets sustainability in the most enchanting way.

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